With the prime objective of addressing the growing Human-Elephant issue by way of seeking innovative and practical solutions to help curb its recurrence, SLT-Mobitel, the National ICT and Mobile Services Provider is organizing 'The Elephant Decoder Hackathon' in collaboration with Department of Wildlife Conservation. Through this initiative, SLT-Mobitel is inviting applications from tech enthusiasts and anyone with innovative ideas to register for the Hackathon and come up with a solution for an early warning system that could detect an elephant in a pre-defined area. With the lives of 407 elephants and 122humans lost in year 2019 alone, Sri Lanka is ranked as the country with the highest annual elephant deaths and the second highest human deaths. Hence, the human-elephant crisis is a lingering problem and one which requires immediate attention where the lives of affected villagers and these gentle giants can be maintained. This hackathon will help pave the way for members of the public who display an interest in this issue to engage with the hackathon and present invaluable technological knowledge or ideasthat might support the implementation of an early warning system that could detect the presence of an elephant in a pre-defined area.
Step 1: Idea/Solution Submission

Submit your idea/Solutionin the online registration portalhereafter accuratelyentering your details.

Step 2: Idea / Solution Evaluation

Submitted ideas/solutionswill be evaluated by an expert advisory panel and best ideas will be selected for feasibility analysis and implementation.

Step 3: Idea / Solution Implementation

Once the selection panel shortlists a number of ideas/solutions, these will be regarded as eligible solutions to receive a private session with the selection panel and their ideas/solutionswould then be further evaluated and refined through the expertise of the selection panel where the feasibility of the proposed solutions would be evaluated.

Step 4: Winner Selection

Depending on the performance and feasibility level of the solutions, the three most optimal solutions will then be selected(if any)by the panel and the winner would be announced at the end of the evaluation process. Winners will be awarded cash prizes. The most optimal concept or solution which comprises the required standard will have an opportunity to be recognized and steps would be taken to bedeployedas a Proof of Concept (PoC)in collaboration with the Department of Wildlife Conservation, especially in areas that have been extensively impacted by the human-elephant conflict.

This is conducted as a virtual hackathonand the idea/solutionsubmission will be available from Tuesday, the 23rd of February 2021 onwards. You can participate remotely by submitting your ideas. The closing datefor idea/solution submission will be on the 22nd of March, 2021
Yes, anyone can participate in this hackathonremotely, if they have innovative, implementable and practical solutions with technology for curtailing the human-elephant conflict.
Yes, you can. But you will have to submit each idea separately. That is, you have to fill a separate form for each idea
Yes,you can submit ideas either individually or as a team.Please note that the maximum number of persons per team should NOT exceed five.
SLTMobitelorganizes this hackathon, in collaborationwith the Department of Wildlife Conservation.
Prof. Rangika Halwatura

Commissioner –Sri Lanka Inventors Commission Staff, Professor–University of Moratuwa

Mr. Manju Gunawardana

Consultant-Nanotechnology Applications, SLINTEC

Mr. Manjula Amararathna

Director –Protected Area Management, Department of Wildlife Conservation

If your idea was selected by the advisory panel for implementation, it will be communicated to you in due coursevia the mail you providedintheregistration form.

Please send us an email to mic@mobitel.lk, we will try toprovide the necessary information.